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Sophia Jane is singer-songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts. She has created her own unique sound  rooted in Folk and infused with influences from Americana, Pop, and Country.  In 2018, Sophia released her first studio album entitled "Living For Now," produced by Bryan Fennelly of Plaid Dog Recording.

This first album is very close to Sophia's heart as it explores topics of mental health, the her greatest tie to songrwiting and music.

 As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression since she was young, continuing to push herself through those ups and downs can be difficult at times. Sophia has always used songwriting to soothe those negative feelings for herself, and until the release of this album that she started sharing her music with other people.


Music has been a large part of Sophia's life since she was little girl. She started piano lessons when she could barely reach the keys, and then developed a love for the guitar in her early teenage years. Writing songs has always been a way for her to clear her head; a way to let everything go at the end of the day.

In the Fall of 2015, Sophia Jane opened up for comedian Kevin Breel at a Mental Health Awareness event held at Norwood Theater by the IAM Strong Foundation. This was the first time Sophia took the stage to share her mental health story and share her music. Ever since, Sophia makes strides to support those around her with her music, inspire relief through music, and encourage those around her to share their stories.

In the following Fall of 2016, Sophia Jane put on her first solo show at the Dedham Square Coffeehouse in Dedham, Massachusetts - A night entitled, 'One Call,' after her first song sharing her story of mental illness. Sophia hosted a night full of her original songs and the telling of her journey with mental health. Raising over $800 for the IAM Strong Foundation, the night was a beautiful success.


As she grows with this pursuit of mental health awareness in her music, she has also grown into the Boston music scene as a whole. Last October, Sophia Jane opened up the Queen Treatment Only Festival featuring some of Boston's most amazing female singer-songwriters including - Ruby Rose Fox & The Gloria Steinems, When Particles Collide, Sarah Blacker, Cruel Miracle, Chelsea Berry, The Dirty Dottys, Hayley Jane and the Primates, and Jen Kearney. 

She continues to grow and take the Boston music scene by storm , recently graduating from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Therapy. 

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